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CRITERIA FOR MAKING AN APPLICATION - PLEASE READ Thank you for considering making an application to Spifox for a grant to support your organisation. The criteria that we apply to all projects considered are outlined below and are updated periodically. Please ensure that you have read the criteria and confirm that you are eligible. The current criteria were updated in July 2019. 1.Explanatory/Procedural Information The following process is applied to all projects. •Completed application received and assessed by our Beneficiaries Committee. •Application passed to a Trustee for personalised consideration. •If approved by our representative we will complete our due diligence checks and. if required, further contact may be made with the applicant for clarification. •During the consideration we may request a meeting/site visit with the applicant to review the application details or to clarify our queries thereon. •After inspection if considered appropriate the application will be submitted to our full Committee for final approval. If time is pressing this step can be processed without awaiting a further formal Committee meeting. •NO BINDING COMMITMENT BY SPIFOX IS MADE until the Beneficiaries Committee has approved such and the grant letter sent by email. This offer of grant will include the amount to be provided together with the timing, terms and conditions applying to the grant. The offer will be conditional on our available funds, the Spifox decision will be final. Throughout the process you will receive contact from your appointed Trustee. Should you have any questions during this process please email any of our Beneficiaries Committee, current members being outlined below, email addresses are additionally on our website: - Alasdair Carlyle Andy Clark Bill Colville Penny Hearn Ronnie Urquhart 2. Spifox Project Criteria Projects must fall within the Spifox key intent, which is to assist disadvantaged children and young people in Scotland by enabling the purchase of capital items of equipment to assist our beneficiaries in better performing their function. If a project is a physical, tangible asset, of a permanent nature the following must apply: •Ideally have a minimum predicted life-span of five years, be non-transferable and of a permanent nature. (Special consideration may be given to funding life-enhancing/medical treatment equipment if it can be shown that the useable life of such equipment is likely to be at least five years). Our discretion is absolute, and final. •Must have a clearly defined project brief to include detail on the project need and objectives •Spifox cannot consider support for items of a “revenue“ nature, eg salaries, wages, administration costs or ongoing overheads. Badging: For brand recognition purposes all projects of a physical nature should have the facility of being badged (e.g. ‘The Spifox Playground’). Spifox supporters can then recognise their contribution within their local communities and the general awareness of Spifox can be increased. It is important that the badging be consistent and of a high standard. This badging will normally involve usage of the Spifox logo, applied where best suited. Spifox will provide graphics in any format required. Beneficiaries: The project must enhance and support the lives of children and young people who are disadvantaged physically, mentally, economically or socially. The project must work directly with children and young people and have a positive influence on their lives from the activities, service, or facility provided. The beneficiaries must be located in Scotland and be a registered Charity. Spifox are unable to support applications from individuals. Grant Amount: (inc VAT) There is neither a minimum nor a maximum grant level although we generally look to provide support between £3,000 to £50,000. The Spifox contribution may be up to 100% of the cost, though beneficiary organisations will be encouraged, where practicable, to raise a proportion from other sources, or themselves. For small projects a spend of less than £3,000 may be approved if it can be shown that without Spifox assistance the project would not go ahead. Payment Schedule: Spifox would normally expect to make funds available via a single payment to the applicant organisation upon receipt of confirmation that the project procurement has been completed in line with the grant application and confirmed with Suppliers invoices to the applicant. In exceptional cases phased payments may be made by agreement between the parties. Last updated July 2019 v 5

Many thanks for your interest in Spifox and in particular as to how we distribute funding.

Perhaps in the first instance we should explain a little more about the role of Spifox and how we try to help disadvantaged children and young adults in Scotland. Our principal purpose is the donation of cash sums to specific capital projects, these projects being undertaken by Registered Charities (ideally in Scotland) specifically for the benefit of kids in Scotland.


We also seek our contribution to be “identifiable”; by that we mean if our donation is to be part of a general appeal then our funding should be used for a specific purpose therein. For example, this could be for fitting out works, equipment provision, relevant IT or specific elements within a larger project.

All applications must be by a registered charity, for the benefit of disadvantaged children or young adults in Scotland, and in respect of the purchase of a capital item. 


It is not generally our policy to contribute to revenue or administrative needs, this having become our established practice from when our Charity was set up in 1983.

If you think that your application may qualify under our criteria (replicated at 'CRITERIA, 'Read More' above) please then complete the Application Form below.  We will get in touch to discuss the Project/Cause to be supported, and in turn this will be considered by our Beneficiaries Sub-Committee at its next meeting. The timing, details and amounts requested will then, if approved by the Sub-Committee, be passed to the Main Committee for ratification. Be assured we are very aware as to the difficulties of fundraising in these particularly trying times for the economy, and are able to respond initially within a few short weeks.

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